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Local Producers in St Albans

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Local Producers in St Albans

Local Producers in St Albans

St Albans is not only known for their restaurants and pubs. You can find a selection of great local produce in the area. Let's take a look at what you can expect to enjoy.

St Albans is home to go variety of local producers. There are festivals held every year and you can even vote for your favourite one. One of these festivals is the St Albans & Harpenden Food & Drink Festival. Here you can vote for your favourite local producer and enjoy a variety of meals and drinks.

Here are some of the best local producers in St Albans:

  • Bratwurst Brats find them at the St Albans market
  • Cinnamon Travelling Café traditional light meals
  • Crumbs All delicious cakes and chutneys
  • Dizzy Bee Kitchen - available at the St Albans from market every second Sunday
  • Heaven is a Cupcake - a selection of delicious cupcakes
  • Mozzarella Nation - enjoy authentic, which fried pizza at the market

By enjoying local meals, you also support local producers. This is one of the most popular sections in St Albans. It also one of the reasons why so many tourists visit the area. They have a selection of wonderful traditional foods and links to enjoy.

You can also take part in a variety of local festivals and markets. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a great day in St Albans with the family. You can also get to taste some of the best foods available and even vote for your favourite one. In addition to this, you can also visit some of the most popular restaurants in St Albans.

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